Monday, December 28, 2009

The Davison Kids

These are the Davison kids and I known them since the youngest was 3... which makes me feel phenomenally old. I got a call from Megan (in the middle in the above photo) and she wanted to do pictures of all the kids as a gift for their parents for Christmas. We had to get everything done in a day. The photos were taken, edited and printed all within 12 hours, but we got it done!!! :)

I have so many, many memories of these kids. Tyler was in the JH youth program we volunteered in and was always hysterical, though I may remember a few times he made some of the girls cry. His whit was a little sharper than his age showed. He is very creative and fun and was a total sport for these pictures.

Megan, or Nutmeg, as she wanted be called when she was 8 years old is also very creative. She now has a booming cliental as a nail technician at The Retreat in Corvallis. Megan was always kind and exuberant. Megan also has a bit of a sharp whit to her. (I wonder where they get that... Randy??). Megan did an amazing job of organizing her siblings for this shoot and sat by me through the entire editing process, printing and following through with getting the frames. Well done Nutmeg!!

Carly. Carly, Carly, Carly. Carly has energy. Lots of it. Lots and lots of it. She would RUN across the church sanctuary every Sunday to welcome our arrival. I also remember these words spoken over and over again when were at their home in the evening. "Carly, go to bed. Carly, go to bed. CARLY! GO TO BED!!!!" Carly has a catching laugh and will make you smile even when you don't want to. She is quite a softball player and can sing VERY well!!

All talented kids. I am blessed to have watched them grow up. Thank you for letting me document this time of your lives. I love all you guys!!

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  1. Thanks for doing these Em. They're just so great! I never tire of looking at them! And thanks for all your kind words above, but I do need to correct you on one small detail....that sharp wit comes from their mother! I write all Randy's material as well! ;) Ha!!!! Love you!