Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Goddess Girls

These are the Goddess Girls, actually this is Gage and the Goddess Girls. The Goddess Girls (as I call them) are three ladies who have joined together to show women of all ages and stages of life that they hold deep beauty. The concept is a day of pampering and feeling amazing about yourself! Full hair and makeup and then a gorgeous photo session! AND you get your edited images on a CD!!!
Jenni and Jess do an amazing job with hair and makeup and Adrienne (a wedding coordinator) is there to make sure the day runs smoothly.
I was fortunate enough to take the promotional pictures for this new business. Gage, the puppy, was brought out by his owner into the alley way for a little potty break and we could NOT pass up the opportunity to have three lovely ladies with a cute little puppy. Who could resist??? Enjoy the images and if you are interested in this experience (The Goddess Experience) leave me a comment and I will be sure Adrienne contacts you.




Tough Girls

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No New Pictures

I have no new pictures to show right now, but there will be more soon. Life has been busy and daily at the same time. Everyday seems to be full, but not with things that are spectacluar or amazing. Just the everyday, daily rountine. It keeps me busy. Hope everyone is well. I will leave you with a picture just for good measure.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Shoot To Remember

I recently asked a client, "What kind of portraits are you hoping to get out of the shoot?" Her response was, "I just want to capture a moment." And that is exactly what happened on my most recent shoot. I was out with these two adorable children who were not being too cooperative getting together for a photo, so when the big brother started to pick up the little sister the mom and I looked at each other and she said, "Oh just let him go for it. She'll be fine."

Well, as soon as the big broski got a good hold of his precious little sister he turned himself almost 180 degrees and briskly dumped her into a nasty, marshy, duck pond! We truly captured a moment! Lil' sis only cried for a few minutes and then was ready to play again. Mom continued to smile and laugh, despite her best efforts to hide the smiles while discipling. It was amazing! Thank you for a shoot I will never forget!!

Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure.