Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feedback Needed

Not long ago our big girl Erin learned how to ride a two wheeled bike without training wheels. It was a very exciting day for everyone full of frustration, smiles, giddiness and a few skinned knees. It just so happened that the day she and Curt went out to attempt to ride the bike I had an amazing lens I was renting so I approached the moment as if I were doing a portrait session.

Result... I fell in love with these pictures and I am so thankful I have this moment captured with really great pictures.

So, here is my idea I need feedback on. More and more I have been taking family portraits. In fact, I would say it makes up about 80% of my total work. What if these portraits were timed around my clients firsts. For example... first time riding a bike, first lost tooth, first steps, first time driving, getting your license, first day of school, new puppy at home, first time making dinner. There are so many firsts in life. What about for adoptive parents first time walking in your home with your new baby or even first time meeting your baby (if we could figure out the logistics.)

Of course portraits would also be taken, but it would be centered around a first. Then after the "first" is documented we could move on to portraits.

I would love to know your thoughts. Would you want something like this? Would you be willing to pay for it? I know the logistics could be an issue for some of the ideas so if you have any thoughts on that I would love to hear them. Thank you for your input!



  1. I love these pictures emily and I love the idea! In theory I would love it. as for a pocket book - I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do it. Perhaps for events (birthday parties, etc.). BUT - I do think people will pay for it! I think you should market it!

  2. Great photos and great ideas! Especially the adoption - think of all the places you could travel to! JK! But very good idea these firsts! I think it's a great marketing angle and a great way to 'capture the moment.'
    Love you!