Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sneak Peak-Shleckenheimers

Todd fell off the back of the bench and I LOVE Wendy's reaction! So classic!


This is Jill and there were just too many good ones to share of her, so dear internet you have lots to look at. Let me start by saying, what a totally gorgeous girl! And so, so kind! She was even kind enough to baby sit for me for... 10 hours!! Yes, 10 hours! It was a long day for dear Jill. Jill and I had a ball going all of her property and the town she lives in and found numerous places to shoot at. We drove past one spot and I began to oooo and ahhh over it and Jill said, "That's my grandma's house!" Classic. So of course we pulled over and shot there too. We lost track of time and had a ball taking TONS of pictures. Thanks Jill for a great time! I had a ball!