Monday, October 26, 2009

The Robertson's

After about 10 minutes of pictures Mark looked at me and said, "OK. So we're done, right?" Ha, ha Mark, you don't get off that easy! We had a great time shooting for close to an hour at a park in Albany. We had a good time playing at the park and then this sweet little gem announced that she no longer wanted to wear her white dress, but rather, she wanted to put on her black dress and ride her bike. So, that is what we did. Thanks so much for an easy going, fun day!


Oh, those eyes are gonna break hearts someday!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tiffany and Jeff

Tiffany and Jeff were married at the beautiful Ranch on Beaver Creek in Lebanon. It was an early evening wedding and the lighting during the ceremony was GORGEOUS. Tiffany was the epitome of a beautiful bride. She glowed. Her bridesmaids were some of the sweetest group of girls I have ever been around and the love that is shared between Jeff and Tiffany is sweet and genuine. Though on the surface Tiffany and Jeff appear to be opposites (a log truck driver and a sassy hair stylist) I learned that they "get each other." Which is pertinent to a healthy, happy marriage.

Though I missed their dog, Woody, being at the wedding, it was full of fun, unique "Tiff-and- Jeff-isms."

Congratulations Tiff and Jeff. Here is to years and years of loving one another well.
(Above) Capturing the hustle and the bustle of getting ready. Love that the MOB is hugging someone.

(Above) Intro of the new bride and groom

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jess and Family

This is Jessica and her adorable family. Jessica is a very talented stylist who I met through The Goddess Experience. (See link for more information.) We met at a park nearby for what we hoped would be a fun time for their son and a perfect time to catch some great smiles from him. But unfortunately Colton wasn't feeling up to smiling. He was sad and frustrated and we all decided that it would just have to be a non-traditional shoot. (Which are my favorites anyway.) Turns out, Colton started throwing up the next day was probably not feeling real up to having his picture taken. So, for as poor as he felt he really did a very good job.

And FYI, almost every family I shoot says to me, "We are probably the toughest family to shoot." Everyone says it and really, the best pictures come when there are tough moments.

So, to all you families who think you could never have a family portrait taken because it would just be too tough... YOU"RE WRONG!!! I just like to think of them as portraits with character and personality. Non-traditonal portraits.

Thanks for Jessica, Dave and Colton for a great time taking pictures. Colton I hope you are feeling better and thanks for hanging in there!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Mandy and Fam

Because there was some talk saying, "What about Luke??" Here are some more. They call him handsome Luke and I can see why. And I just love the one below for the natural smiles. Enjoy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Baby Girl

This is my baby girl Erin Hope. I LOVE this picture because I have visions of her in Hawaii when she is 25 playing the guitar on the beach and enjoying the relaxing nature life can provide. (You know, like Jack Johnson.) I love this picture because it is obvious there is so much joy in her eyes. I love this picture because it is obvious she is having fun. I love this picture because it is obvious that whatever she is observing is making her laugh. I love this picture because it is obvious that she is actually strumming the guitar as she leans there. Isn't it obvious? I love this picture because it is my baby girl and I love her.


OK, so it is obvious from the pictures that this is a gorgeous family! But they are also really cool. They traveled from Roseburg for their pics (because I am that good **swipe dust off shoudler**SARCASM HERE) No, they are good friends with a good friend of mine and so it was a day trip to get pictures and hang out. We had an awesome time being together with all the families after the shoot. The kids played and we had fun laughing and eating good food.

The boys were great at the shoot, except that the littlest man didn't like the feel of the grass when he crawled and only wanted to be on the concrete. Thanks so much for a great time again. Let me know when you decide to move here so we can hang out and drink coffee all day long!

My Friend Mandy and Her Family

This is my good friend Mandy and her family. Mandy is one of the most talented, kindest, most gorgeous (inside and out ladies and gents), greatest people ever! We had sooo much fun taking these pictures. This is only the beginning, but at least it will show you, Mandy, what we are working with. Pretty easy subjects. (Even Ace and Jax.) By the way, I am totally in love with their dog Jax who I believe has the wisest eyes I have ever peered into. If Jax comes up missing just come over to my house... he will be there, and yes I will spoil him if that is what it takes.

Thank you for allowing me take your family photos. You guys are strong and valuable and make a great team. Here is to years together..., growing and encouraging one another through life.