Friday, October 16, 2009

Jess and Family

This is Jessica and her adorable family. Jessica is a very talented stylist who I met through The Goddess Experience. (See link for more information.) We met at a park nearby for what we hoped would be a fun time for their son and a perfect time to catch some great smiles from him. But unfortunately Colton wasn't feeling up to smiling. He was sad and frustrated and we all decided that it would just have to be a non-traditional shoot. (Which are my favorites anyway.) Turns out, Colton started throwing up the next day was probably not feeling real up to having his picture taken. So, for as poor as he felt he really did a very good job.

And FYI, almost every family I shoot says to me, "We are probably the toughest family to shoot." Everyone says it and really, the best pictures come when there are tough moments.

So, to all you families who think you could never have a family portrait taken because it would just be too tough... YOU"RE WRONG!!! I just like to think of them as portraits with character and personality. Non-traditonal portraits.

Thanks for Jessica, Dave and Colton for a great time taking pictures. Colton I hope you are feeling better and thanks for hanging in there!

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