Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Hadlocks

They are the most active family I know. They are vibrant and alive and FULL of energy! These people you see before you are the Hadlocks and I have had the privilege of knowing them for about 12 years. Mike caught the guarder at our wedding and Rebekah wore it two weeks later at their wedding. We have known Silas since he was a baby and gave him his first piece of candy. I cried to Rebekah numerous times when after years of trying to have our own child we could not. We were at the hospital hours after Avi was born and we watched as Curt tenderly held their baby girl and looked into her eyes. Little did we know that one year later he would be holding our own baby girl in the exact same birthing room.
I write all of this to say, we have history with the Hadlocks. Curt went to HS with both of them at CHS. Where, by the way, they were HS sweethearts. (All together... Ahhhhhhh) They are genuine and fun and I am "uber" comfortable around them. They challenge my thinking and they encourage me to get off my booty and get moving.
Thank you Hadlocks for your of friendship, your role in our lives and for blessing our family in so many ways. I love you all.

This is SO Mike and Rebekah! Always the clowns! (Above)

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Hohensee's!

I am so excited to write to you about the very first adoptive free session I was able to do! (I really need to think of a better name for this.) These images are of the Honensee's who not long ago adopted a baby boy. They were there the day he was born and have an open adoption with the birth mom and are loving having a second boy in their home. This little man has been a great compliment to the Honensee home, as he LOVES to sleep. Truly a blessing from above. Congratulations to this remarkable family. Thank you for allowing me to "shoot" you. I pray God blesses you with many restful nights and love beyond your imagination. Thank you!