Monday, October 12, 2009

My Friend Mandy and Her Family

This is my good friend Mandy and her family. Mandy is one of the most talented, kindest, most gorgeous (inside and out ladies and gents), greatest people ever! We had sooo much fun taking these pictures. This is only the beginning, but at least it will show you, Mandy, what we are working with. Pretty easy subjects. (Even Ace and Jax.) By the way, I am totally in love with their dog Jax who I believe has the wisest eyes I have ever peered into. If Jax comes up missing just come over to my house... he will be there, and yes I will spoil him if that is what it takes.

Thank you for allowing me take your family photos. You guys are strong and valuable and make a great team. Here is to years together..., growing and encouraging one another through life.

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