Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Friends the Gurney's

I have been waiting to have the chance to write about this awesome family, the Gurney family. Hands down this is the most fun, most generous family I have EVER had the privilege of knowing. I met Leann through a play group. We hit it off and have had fun cycling together (when I get my booty out of bed), vacationing together, crying to each other about the woes of parenting, drinking wine, laughing, teasing and enjoying one another's company.

The adjective I would most use to describe this family is generous.
They have blessed our lives in so many ways with their spirit of giving. Leann has blessed me with her thoughtfulness when I have been sick with
gatorade and a People magazine and when I don't
think I can take another day of whining children just blesses me by listening. She blesses me with coffee, hand-me-down shoes, trips away, cabinets in our garage, dinners all together gabbing about the Beavers, a great shoulder to lean on, good conversation and an amazing friend.

AND Leann is soooo funny! I have always thought that no one could compete with my husband's sharp whit, but I think Leann could take him! She is smart, sassy and fun! I just adore her. Michael is kind and funny and makes me feel comfortable. AND the BEST thing about shooting this family (in the non-lethal way of cou
rse) is that they KNOW h
ow to play together.

There are times I ask families to play together and they don't know what to do. But not this family. It is so impressive. Michael and Leann you inspire me to do better with my kids. To enjoy them more. To let them play in puddles. To take them as they are, right now, loving life as only a child can. Thank you for your perspective. Mostly thank you for friendship. I love you all!

And oh, how beautiful is this family! Mama Pajama!

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  1. Thank you for such kind words. Know that we love you guys too. We look forward to many more good times!....I had to write to note - in that first picture, the only thing missing is a beautiful sunflower or two in the background...oh wait, I think I see a couple crumpled over in the flower bed...funniest moment I've had in a long, long time...only in Albany!