Monday, August 3, 2009

The Turco's

It was on this gorgeous day in July I learned a valuable lesson in photography. Always get permission to be at your location! The Turco family and I met at a gorgeous location in Portland called The Bishop's Close. Gorgeous home. Gorgeous gardens. We wasted no time and got right into shooting. About a half way into a very smooth shoot we were approached by a younger woman, looking a little nervous if I do say so myself, asking if we knew about the fee for photography on the grounds. Having NO idea about any fee I said, "No, I didn't know. How much is it?" I was hoping to throw 10 bucks her way and continue on our excursion.

But, no, it was not a measly $10, she informed that it ranged from $50-$300! Only charging $150 for the whole shoot (disc included) I informed her of this--hoping she would pitty the fledgling photographer and let me continue. She gave me a shrug and said, "you're done."

BUT, we still got some great shots! So, ha! Girl who had to follow the rules! (I mean, how dare you follow the rules where you work! What? Do you actually want to KEEP your job or something?)

All joking aside, we had a great time and well, the shoot didn't take us long. :) Here are a few shots of the day. It is unbelievable how big these kids are getting. And this little man is getting so handsome! Joe and Brittany, thank you for being so easy going and for being so supportive of my new business. I really, really appreciate it!!

Can't wait for the fall you guys!!!

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