Monday, August 3, 2009

Kicked Out Again!

Well after getting kicked out of the first location in Portland we decided to move to another spot that was more photographer friendly. Lewis and Clark College... it's beautiful and free! BUT... they are not so keen on having portraits taken. We got the boot after about 10 minutes. But, this family was awesome! No sweat... after an upbeat conversation on where to go we decided on a downtown area. Upon arrival in beautiful downtown Lake Oswego we discovered it was PACKED! But, once again, this family made do and we found numerous small spots to take pictures.

Thank you so much you guys for a fun, EASY (despite no love for photographers in PDX), shoot. Your boys were a joy and you two were tops! (How old do I sound right now?...old.) No really you were so easy to be around, get along with and I greatly enjoyed your company. (And the milkshake too!--Thank you!) Enjoy the photos, the complete disc is in the mail!

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