Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amanda and Ryan

Today it was hot. Now for some of you reading this you might think, well, yeah--she's from Oregon, anything over 85 is hot to her. While this may be true ('cause I am a heat wuss) the Willamette Valley (according to my car thermometer) reached a scorching 108 degrees!!! Unheard of for us raining weather folk!

And it is on this day at 12:30 pm at Bush Park in Salem that Ryan and Amanda committed to do life with one another. I am sooo impressed with this couple. They are so obviously in love and although it was hotter than the underside of boiling tea kettle they continued to hug and kiss and love up on each other. Bravo you two.

Add to that... Ryan gave one the most thoughtful and gracious toasts I have ever heard. He thanked his Mom for teaching him how to treat a girl, he thanked his family for supporting them through planning a wedding in 3 weeks and he told a story of a wish he made years ago over a wishbone. He had never told anyone what he wished for until today. He shard today because his wish came true. He wished to commit his life to Amanda.Amanda held Ryan's gaze so deeply during the vows it was palpable. She meant every word that came from her mouth. (I do have a picture of this and you will see what I am saying, but no time to edit yet.)

Even though I have only spent a few hours with you two it was such an honor to shoot your wedding and have a chance to be a part of your day. Thank you!

I don't have many pictures to share yet, but here are few. Congratulations Ryan and Amanda I hope you enjoy some cooler weather in the next few days.

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  1. amazing! i can't wait for more!