Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot Dogs and Sass!

We open with the "dream portrait." That's right the hot dog. When Reagan found out she would be getting her picture taken she very quickly decided she needed a portrait with the ever-famous hot dog in downtown Albany. So, here it is world, the hot dog picture. Reagan, I hope you love it. We went out today and had a great time walking around and finding all kinds of places to snap away. Reagan was soooo thrilled to be in front of the camera. Tyra would have been very happy with her "fierce" moves. And... man... this girl has got some sass! You will see in the pictures below. Owen, you were a trooper. You tired on cool shoes and I even managed to capture a few images with you smiling!! Leann, thank you for wanting to capture who your kids truly are right now. I am sure you will treasure the hot dog photo for a life time. (Just make sure it shows up in her wedding slide show some day!) Thanks for a great morning you guys!

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