Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mike and Eva

This is Mike and Eva. I met Eva several years ago when I was a way too regular customer at a local coffee shop. (She worked there.) We would chat on a daily basis and before you know it we had become great friends. Eva is amazing. She is generous and kind and funny. She has very much become a little sister to me. I feel protective of her, I trust her and I know we will know each other for the rest of our lives (despite where we may live.)
Although I don't know Mike as well as I know Eva, what I do know of him is awesome! He treats Eva soo well. He respects her. He is kind to her. He watches out for her. So, Mike, as Eva's sort of big sister... I approve! You impress me more each time I meet you. I am so excited you two will be married soon, I know you will learn and grow and be better people because of your marriage. Congratulations!
And oh, thanks for letting me take your pics. You both are "ridiculoulsly-good-looking."
Love you guys!

Sass it up Mike!

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