Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Goddess Girls

These are the Goddess Girls, actually this is Gage and the Goddess Girls. The Goddess Girls (as I call them) are three ladies who have joined together to show women of all ages and stages of life that they hold deep beauty. The concept is a day of pampering and feeling amazing about yourself! Full hair and makeup and then a gorgeous photo session! AND you get your edited images on a CD!!!
Jenni and Jess do an amazing job with hair and makeup and Adrienne (a wedding coordinator) is there to make sure the day runs smoothly.
I was fortunate enough to take the promotional pictures for this new business. Gage, the puppy, was brought out by his owner into the alley way for a little potty break and we could NOT pass up the opportunity to have three lovely ladies with a cute little puppy. Who could resist??? Enjoy the images and if you are interested in this experience (The Goddess Experience) leave me a comment and I will be sure Adrienne contacts you.




Tough Girls

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